High Speed Image Recording, Transfer and Storage System

Runtime: 01.07.2010 – 30.06.2013
Sponsor: BFS Bayerische Forschungsstiftung (Bavarian Research Foundation) BFS

Signum Bildtechnik participates at the research activities in the frame of HITS project, and coordinates the scientific work. Together with the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut as consortium manager and with other SME having expert knowledge in the field of image acquisition, transfer, processing and storage in industrial and television domains aims Signum the development of a modular system for long high speed recordings of multi cameras networks. Considering that a classical application for high speed observation is designed to record just a few seconds at high frame rates (e. g. 1000Hz), the HITS System in the extended form will be able to store up to 90 minutes of stereo of quad cam recordings at frame rates between 75 and 1500 FPS. The project is focused on the handling of the huge amount of data and designing of the real-time software and hardware platform for transfer, previewing and playout of recorded image in broadcast quality. Signum tests already variants of the system for high speed recording of sports and improves software algorithms for automatic feature extraction (like players or ball tracking). Additionally, two subsystems are designed and tested for portable use

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Hainfellner (info <a t> signumbt.com