Signum RTA

Analysis of movements in Sports

signum.RTA is the most advanced real-time analysis solution available to the market. Analysis is available in a fully automized mode, where all major features like measurement of distances, distances travelled, acceleration, heat-diagrams, and many more features are available while they are taking place.

Any camera feed providing uncompressed video feed can be attached to the RTA solution, which is usually hosted on a signum.VisionFactory platform. Typical camera Input is GbEthernet, HD-SDI, Camlink-HS. Depending on the server processing power, and the number of cameras attached, typically videos up to 6 cameras with HD resolution can be attached to the server.

Typical applications for this solution are sports with medium speeds, such as football, basketball, horse-race, and cricket.

In combination with the video capture devices signum.VisionFactory where the capture and storage of the videos is handled, the signum.RTA is providing essential information on situations like offside fully automatic and at the time when the situation occurs.

Analysis is enabled for 2D or quasi 2D and full stereoscopic 3D either in real-time, or in an offline mode, e.g. for analysis during sport shows. Depending on requirements, signum.HSA may handle analysis via a single camera feed only, or it may process videos from multiple cameras either for 2D or 3D purposes.