Signum PrimeVision

Super high-speed CMOS Camera

The new camera signum.PrimeVision is the new standard in image quality of high-speed cameras with 1080p resolution and more. The PrimeVision achieves this extraordinary ability to record images with extremely high color fidelity at record speeds.

The signum.PrimeVision uses sophisticated techniques to achieve superior color quality and therefore has been recommended by experts in the field of broadcast cameramen, and research centers. This quality is achieved even at highest speeds to create videos in super slow motion speeds as standard broadcast (such as 50 or 60 fps for 1080p HDTV).

The latest CMOS sensor generation which was developed in high-tech laboratories in Germany work in combination with proprietary algorithms that achieve the colors in the visible spectrum in a very natural way.

The sensitivity to light has been unparalleled and allows satisfactory recordings even under difficult lighting conditions. The internal RAM is available in three options, 9GB, 18GB and 36GB both for maximum flexibility in the length of recording to have extra long recording times.

The precise timing of this camera with very low "jitter" of only 50 ns between make the signum.PrimeVision the ideal camera for recording stereo and 3D movies or motion analysis in space.

The PrimeVision software comes with a camera control, image acquisition and option to save recordings in different formats of images / videos. A software development kit (SDK) including a dynamic link library on 32 and 64 bits allows the customization of the control of the camera for specific requirements. Advanced algorithms settings colors complement the software.

Accessories such as batteries, lenses, bag, etc. are available to complement the system.