Signum HSA

Analysis of fast movements in Sports

Signum.HSA is offering a large number of customer oriented solutions to analyze fast movements in sports. Speeds, movements, distances, acceleration and much more can easily be analyzed by means of the intuitive signum.HSA tool.

Basis for the analysis is the capturing of precise high-quality super high-speed cameras such as signum.PrimeVision. Despite the video capture speed is such high, that real-time analysis is impossible, the signum.HSA solution is providing fastest analysis of videos already via the download process of the captured videos to the server.

In combination with the video capture devices signum.VisionFactory where the capture and storage of the videos is handled, the signum.HSA is immediately ready to make exact measurements of the captured videos.

Analysis is enabled for 2D or quasi 2D and full stereoscopic 3D recordings. Depending on requirements, signum.HSA may handle analysis via a single camera feed only, or it may process videos from multiple cameras either for 2D or 3D purposes.

Typical applications are in the field of sports with very fast movements, such as Ice-hockey, Gun-shot Analysis, Badminton, Tennis, etc.