Web-based editing tool

signum.Netcut is a flexible tool for full web-based editing of videos. Videos can be uploaded and transcoded to various formats and quality levels. Produced videos may range from low quality levels up to full studio production quality.

Typical applications are the use for low cost advertising productions for TV or Web-TV, fast and easy news production from the field to professional video production.

signum.Netcut is available as a Service, or it may be delivered as a home video editing solution. Because of its easy structure also non-professionals are able to produce their videos quickly without lengthy training.

Rendering processes are extremely fast when using the cloud-computing version of signum.Netcut. Thus videos can be rendered at shortest time from any angle in the world without having dedicated devices.

This tool is designed in a way, which allows also its operation via handheld mobile phones, allowing journalists to produce news contributions even with a smart-phone like iPhones from any place in the world.