signum.BlackHive X1

HD Desktop Media Server

signum.BlackHive X1 is a flexible and reliable multichannel media server for ingest, graphic and playout in HD-SDI.

signum.BlackHive X1 comes with SigiStudio, a powerful master control software for operators. It can be used as a stand alone production server, as a playout server including automation, as a videowall driver.

Thanks to its versatility, signum.BlackHive X1 can be used almost anywhere in the broad-casting environment. As a VTR replacement, in news productions or as a multi-channel 24/7 playout automation.

Affordable Playout Solution

BlackHive X1 provides highest video quality at extremely low prices, it is unchallenged on the market.

Flexible and Scalable

BlackHive X1 is a flexible and scalable product, which can be used for various different purposes around news-productions, automation, ingest-center and playout-center.

Automation Scheduler

BlackHive systems now can be controlled by a time event triggered SigiStudio Scheduler for automatic broadcasting operations.

Integrated Graphic Engine

Build-in graphics engine for 2D and 3D real-time graphics and advanced 3D text effects signum.GreenHive is a flexible and scalable product, which can be used for various different purposes around news-productions, automation, ingest-center and playout-center. The signum.GreenHive is largely used in video news production centers. Many different news-room systems are certified in the use in conjunction with the signum.GreenHive product-suite.

Create - Manage - Playout

3D Designer

Aston 3D Editor is a powerful template designer. Create stunning show graphics. Merge video and and web. Just hand the templates and graphics over to the Playlist editor SigiStudio. Unlimited number of workstations supported.

SigiStudio Master Control

SigiStudio is a Master Control Software. Import and manage all of your video clips, templates, videos and graphics in one playlist. Simply arrange, move, edit, drag and drop them around. With SigiStudio you can edit playlists on the go.

Crystal Clear HD Playout

Play your videos to any outlet like on-air-video, video walls, multi-channel presentations, webcasts, audience-screens all in crystal clear HD quality with up to 60fps.


X1 X1

Integrated Graphic Engine (optional)

Create stunning graphics with Aston 3d to enhance your production. The new Aston 3D Designer is designed to boost the creativity and throughput od designers, which allows operators to create, manipulate, animate and perform last minute changes to any kind of text, data or video graphics, even during on air operations.

SigiStudio Master Control Software (included)

All BlackHive servers use the SigiStudio Master Control software as a standard. This amazing software is the workhorse for ingesting, organizing and editing clips and creation of runddown playlists. It is the perfect solution for broadcasters providing fully automated or manual content playout. All clips in a playlist can be changed, removed, edited, cut or trimmed up to the last moment prior to playout. Multiple playlists are supported for videos with various quality levels and COD


  • As a creative workstation with built-in
  • graphic engine and character generator
  • As a newsroom and playlist server
  • As a presentation server for corporate TV
  • As a playout server for big live shows
  • For branded content and cross-channels
  • For title & intro creation
  • For show & product branding
  • For displaying score results
  • For weather reports
  • For interactive presentations
  • As a presentation server for Universities
  • For sophisticated web programs